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The following sample Nikon D3 High ISO .NEF files were taken by SebZ.
Please refer to this dpReview Forum Post for more info.

Click on the Thumbnail for a processed version
of the raw images (Processed in Photoshop CS3 and Neat Image.)

Click on the .NEF file name for the original RAW file.

Nikon D3 High ISO Original RAW Image Samples
ISO 25600 DSC_9393.NEF dsc_9393.jpg   ISO 6400 DSC_9399.NEF dsc_9393.jpg
ISO 12800 DSC_9394.NEF dsc_9394.jpg   ISO 3200 DSC_9400.NEF dsc_9400.jpg
ISO 12800 DSC_9395.NEF dsc_9395.jpg   ISO 3200 DSC_9401.NEF dsc_9401.jpg
ISO 6400 DSC_9396.NEF dsc_9396.jpg   ISO 1000 DSC_9402.NEF dsc_9402.jpg
ISO 6400 DSC_9397.NEF dsc_9397.jpg   ISO 1000 DSC_9403.NEF dsc_9403.jpg
ISO 6400 DSC_9398.NEF dsc_9398.jpg   ISO 3200 DSC_9404.NEF dsc_9404.jpg
ISO 3200 DSC_9405.NEF dsc_9405.jpg   ISO 3200 DSC_9406.NEF dsc_9406.jpg
        ISO 3200 DSC_9407.NEF dsc_9407.jpg

All Images © Manny Gonzalez

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